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A Prescription to fix the economy

Now that we are in the 3rd year of our depression, yes, folks, things are that bad, it is time to take some radical steps to fix the malaise that has gripped this country.  What, you say that things aren’t … Continue reading

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A lack of Chinese!

I don’t know about you, but for us Highland Parkers, there is a dearth of good Chinese in the North Shore.  Our local resources are mediocre at best, and it is a disappointment, as I love Chinese food.  The best … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Trust the Force blog

Hi there!  I hope that my blog will be interesting, pithy, and worth a look.  I will comment on films, restaurants, movies, show you pictures from my new DSLR, rant about politics, and try to provoke comments. Let us start … Continue reading

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