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A well trained amateur chef, I have learned by taking some master classes and doing a lot of reading and experimentation. I cook and enjoy many different cuisines. The fun is getting it right, with great taste and presentation. The smells and appearance add to the pleasure of eating well. I can enjoy a great Chicago style hot dog or an Italian beef sandwich, or have equal pleasure from haut cuisine. All my recipe postings are extensively tested by me unless I state otherwise. I will sometimes post a recipe that sounds like it should be good before I actually make it myself, but I will always come back and revise the "untested" recipe after I've made it, with valid comments to keep old posts accurate and current. If I am not the originator of a recipe I will always correctly attribute the source author, even if I have modified the recipe. I will occasionally post reviews of local restaurants on the site. The big problem that I have with eating out is that I know too much about restaurants and I find it hard to ignore or forgive sloppy technique or bad ingredients. I pull no punches in my restaurant reviews!

Remember Fanny’s of Evanston?

If you are a baby boomer and grew up either on the North Side or in one of the North Suburbs of Chicago, chances are that you knew or had gone to Fanny’s restaurant.  Fanny Bianucci Lazar had her landmark … Continue reading

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The still best chocolate chip cookie (plus some others)

I think it is appropriate to talk about chocolate chip cookies again because they are such a universal favorite.  I was prompted to revisit the topic due to Sam Sifton’s NY Times cooking email, which reminded us that yesterday was … Continue reading

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Apple Bars–a handheld alternative to Apple Pie

“As American as apple pie”  One out of five Americans surveyed picked apple pie as their favorite.  “For Mom and apple pie” was the reason why Americans went to war in World War II.  But is apple pie American?  The … Continue reading

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I come to praise Caesar (the salad that is!)

Abelardo Cesare “Caesar” Cardini, an Italian immigrant, lived in San Diego California and owned and operated an establishment in Tijuana where, since it was in Mexico, the restaurant was not under the restrictions of Prohibition.  According to his daughter Rosa … Continue reading

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“Jewish” Apple Cake

For at least 30 years, my wife and I have been making a recipe for apple cake that my mother-in-law’s friend, Martha Segal, gave to us.  The cake itself is delicious, and since it has no butter or other form … Continue reading

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A Cake that is way over the top

Tonight is my cousin Steve’s annual “Death by Chocolate” party.  Now, for those who are new to the blog, I will tell you that I sometimes win this informal competition, and I have a reputation (and my previous successes) to … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Redux

So far, I’ve not heard from anyone if they have tried variations of the Toll House cookie.  I posted some thoughts on this quintessential American standard in previous blogs: Another series of thoughts on that perennial favorite, the classic chocolate … Continue reading

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A Delicious Fall Dessert–Dutch Apple Pie Bars

This is not the first time I’ve posted a recipe for apple pie bars.  Back in September 2013, I posted a recipe that I modified from Michelle Norris’ post (that had been published first by America’s Test Kitchen): reading

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A new recipe for Holiday Brisket

In our house, we typically have brisket for dinner twice a year.  Every New Year on erev Rosh Hashanah, and every 1st night of Pesach (Passover).  Jori prefers a sweet brisket recipe using a sauce of onion soup mix, cranberry … Continue reading

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Egg Me On–Make Great Egg Foo Yung

  I really enjoy Egg Foo Yung (or Young).  Literally meaning “Hibiscus egg,” this omelette is found in  Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, British and Chinese-American cuisine. However, in the States, most of the time, it is poorly made, and served with a … Continue reading

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